Malindi Elmore

UnknownWelcome to my website for runners and triathletes everywhere! I started out as a runner for Canada and over the years have added triathlete, coach, event organizer and mom to my job description.   I love to race, train and help others pursue their health, performance and lifestyle goals.

I began my journey years ago – as a little squirt chasing kids and soccer balls around.  I always loved to run and dreamt of representing Canada at the Olympics.  After setting school records at Stanford University, earning All-American titles, and representing Canada at major global events, including the Olympics, I retired in 2012 from competitive running.

Two years into living a more “regular life” (i.e. an 8-5 job!), I was yearning to get back into competitive sport again. After a break that included the birth of my son, Charlie, I was re-freshed and  excited to get back into racing again. I decided to make a switch to triathlon; and I am now eager to continue my athletic journey.   My first 70.3 race went really well and I decided to immediately make the leap to the professional ranks. After years of racing against the best in the running world, I want to see where I stack up among the best in the triathlon world.  I take great pride in doing my best with  the tools I possess; including living each day to its fullest and being grateful to pursue opportunities that bring me joy, a sense of fulfillment, and which also help make the world a happier and healthier place through my work.

I love to share my passion for sport and pursuing excellence through my work with the Run SMART Project, the Okanagan Athletics Club, private clinics and camps, motivational speaking sessions, volunteer activities, and event management contract work for local sport events.





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