About Me

5This website is about the things I love: running, triathlon, coaching and organizing events.  I am very grateful to be able to pursue my passions and challenge myself on a daily basis. I also really love the thrill of helping others achieve their goals; it makes the personal pursuit of excellence seem more global and rewarding.

Outside of my professional pursuits and passions, I love skiing, camping, gardening, reading, photography and interior design.

I am proudly Canadian, and love to travel and meet people from around the world.

Mostly, I love my family and support team.  I have the best support team in the world, the crux of which revolves around my parents, husband, sister, and son.   My husband, Graham Hood, is also an elite level runner turned triathlete, but with a full time “desk” job, he is pursuing triathlon as a competitive age grouper in the 40-45 category.  A two time Olympian in running, we are only slightly competitive during races and frequently establish “handicaps” for comparing our performances. Not that we are “too” competitive…

Being a new and committed mom is an important task for me, as well as striving towards balance in the pursuit of career, family, athletics.

My young son is my biggest fan! But in true Canadian form, his favourite sport is hockey.

Run, triathlon, coach, play…