From the beginning, my family has been my rock solid foundation.   Over the years, my parents have continued to support me in a positive and unconditional sort of way.  I am grateful for parents who gave me the opportunity to pursue sports and helped make it a priority in my life, but who were never “over the top” helicopter / crazy intense sports parents.  They did not give me a huge reason to be rebellious, so I was able to put my energy into sports and school.  My sister, Jeanette, continues to be an inspiration with her commitment to sports.  I may have her number in running but I think that I would get by butt kicked in most everything else by here!

My husband, Graham Hood, has also become a great part of my team.  As a former professional runner who now works full time and trains for triathlon and ironman events, Graham keeps me honest with training and racing, and always has great perspective and advice for me.  Our dog, Max, is also the coolest training partner ever.  He never complains.


Ever since I met Mike Van Tighem, my long time and current coach, we have had a team approach.  He may ask, “How are our legs today? We are going to do a hard workout”.  We both know that it is my legs that are going to do a hard workout!  Mike has been with me for all the ups and downs and if I ever win a major medal, I will have to saw it in half so we can share.

For all high performance teams and athletes, a whole host of professionals are required to keep the engines healthy and running.  Over the years I have been fortunate to work with national and world level physiotherapists, massage therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, physiologists, sports medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons, nutritionists, and sports psychologists.  There are many people who have gone out of their way to accommodate me on short notice and have gone extra mile with their time and energy.  If any one ever needs a referral for a sports professional, I know have an arsenal of great resources in Canada and the United States, so just let me know and I would be happy to  help.

My Go-To Team

I have been with Greg Redman, my physiotherapist, through his three clinics,  from Calgary to Kelowna.  He has two clinics focused on high performance sport, Marda Loop Physiotherapy in Calgary and the beautiful new Wave Physiotherapy in Kelowna.