I am stepping outside my usual boundaries by writing a race report. For some reasons doing race reports usually freaks me out as I am wary of coming off as:

1. whiny / full of excuses

2. arrogant

3. narcissistic

4. combination of above

But, my ahem, fan requested one. Yep, and I want to keep the fan happy.

And in this day of self-obsession (I do have a blog, facebook and twitter), I think it is socially acceptable to be somewhat self-absorbed and write the occasional race update report.  But don’t expect it every time – that’s too much pressure to be politically correct.

Alas, I am saved because Chris Kelsall, founder of Athletics Illustrated and regular contributor to Flotrack interviews, made a really cool video of the race.   Chris is doing great things for running and it is leaders/fans/runners like him who keep the sport alive with interviews, videos, and events  (Victoria Q series)  for all of us to enjoy.  His video also saves me from describing how beautiful and flat the course is along Lochside Road in Sidney, BC – you can see for yourself what a great course it is!  And of course it is on your must-run list now.

I am particularly lucky because my delightful parent-in-laws live only a mile or two away from the start line so I get to run along the ocean whenever we visit.  Plus it was really fun to have family out at the race – especially my 5 year old nephew and almost 3 year old niece who are growing up so fast (sigh).  A total digression, but I while I am in the mood to share videos, Henry scored a killer goal the day before at his soccer tournament.  Apparently his sprained ankle forced him from his usual sit and kick style soccer to dribbling, deeking, and chipping for the first goal of the game!

Anyways, back to the topic of the day…the Bazan Bay 5km video below is nicely edited – and only half the length of time it takes for some people to race 5km!

I also had a little post-race chat with Chris which can be viewed below.  I am aware that if I ever commit a (major) crime, I ought to be careful about how often I roll my eyes up when I am thinking. In all seriousness, I am really pleased with the process and results of my race.  I was aiming for somewhere around 16:00, with 5 seconds on either side as a reasonable range.  I was surprised to find out I dipped under my desired result by 12 seconds, and even happier with how good / easy / comfortable the experience was.  I got to the turn-around point and was shocked the race was half way over and decided to pick up the pace for the return home (kind of inevitable with the tailwind).  Regardless, that fresh feeling at half way rarely happens on the track in a 5000m.

In the end, it was my 2nd fastest road race time (15:40 PB at Carlsbad 5000m, 2007) ever which was performed a month later in the season and preceded my first and still my personal best 5000m by two weeks (15:12 Mt Sac). I think things are … on track … for a great year ahead (wood – where’s the wood?) for Oly qualifications (sub 15:20) and more. And the bonus – my converted time put me to # 1 on the  Island Race Series ahead of some of my biggest running/tri idols (Jon Brown, Simon Whitfield, Angela Chalmers, Leah Pells) giving me a bit more of a confidence boost and a million dollar pay cheque to boot.  Oh never mind, that’s just my imagination.  And I am getting a bit too close to exactly what I was trying to avoid by doing a post race write-up (#2 & #4), so I shall say adieu and happy running for now.  Next up – Flagstaff training camp and then the track season begins! Who-hoo. Get out that bubble wrap…


12 Responses to “Bazan Bay 5 km”

  1. Coleslaw says:

    What a fantastic goal by the nephew!! That really made your whole narcissistic blog post turn out kewl.

    • Malindi Elmore says:

      You should be featuring him on your site with those moves. His mom was an amazing star soccer player (Captain of CIS Champs) so he comes by his skills fairly naturally…but I am thinking of getting him in a Q series race soon!

  2. Great to see you out on the island Malindi! Rooting for you (as always) for London this summer!

  3. Pat Gable says:

    Congratulations Malindi
    Corrine and I just watched the race video and interview on your blog. You had a great race. We had heard mention of your race last night, at the clinic, but were unaware of the event. Sorry for not being in tune. Personal best road event, and course record to boot. Excellent!!! Touch that wood, throw some salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers, and all that, and good luck this year. We’re cheering for you.
    Pat & Corrine

    • Malindi Elmore says:

      Thanks Pat and Corrine. I take alot of confidence and boost away from seeing you all run so fast and work so hard and really appreciate your cheers! Let’s all have personal best years :)

  4. When you go to Flagstaff, you must go to this place called Diablo Burger. Get garlic on your burger. It sounds weird, but it’s good. Also, they suggest it at medium temperature and I was slightly considered I was going to get E. Coli (and, of course, the strain that gives people kidney failure), but I’m alive and well. So, do that, too.

    I’ve raced 2 5Ks – the same one twice, it’s really hilly. I want to do another one because I’ve liked the 2 5Ks I’ve done even though the last half mile I couldn’t really see clearly and I wondered if that was actually dangerous for my health. But, I lived and am pretty normal (debatable) so I guess that was ok.

    Dumbest question ever – if the road is completely flat, why is the track always faster than the road?

    • Malindi Elmore says:

      Hey Meggie,

      I have always wanted to go to Diablo Burgers. Been to Flag 4 times now and never made it there. I do go to Macy’s alot and finally clarified to my sister that I wasn’t talking about getting coffee from a department store.

      It sounds like you are racing the 5km properly if you are seeing stars for the last bit. I have been absolutely destroyed after a couple 5ks…like the medical people want to hang out with me destroyed. It’s all an act of course…

      I tink that the track is a much faster surface with better energy return. Plus it is really really really flat and predictable. Easier to get in a rythme. Those are my ideas, but probably more scientific reasons are out there.

  5. Trevor MacKenzie says:

    Congrats Malindi! Had I known you were racing we would have come out and cheered you on. Best of luck in 2012!

    • Malindi Elmore says:

      Hey Trevor – that would have been great to see you! I am going to be racing in Victoria (track) in June so I will keep you posted. Will be good to expose your little guy to a real sport ;) (ok fine, BB counts!)

  6. kim maser says:

    Hi Malindi. That was a great run. The soccer game was great that little guy really has some moves. Have a great training camp in Flagstaff. Will be cheering you on for 2012 and if your up this way for the NTL meets will pop by and say hi.



    • Malindi Elmore says:

      Hi Kim,
      Thanks for your ongoing support – I totally appreciate it! I will try to make it to Edmonton again for the road mile but it may conflict with track races. Hope everything is going great for you.


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