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Summer Advanced Clinic :  Wednesdays June 12-July 17 5:30-7:00 ($60)
New to Advanced Training: June 10 – Mondays July 15 5:30 -7:00 ($65)
Beat the Heat Morning Clinic: July 31 –  Wednesday August 28 6:30 am – 8:00 am ($48)
Canadian Runner Clinics are brought to you by Kelowna native and Olympian, Malindi Elmore.  As a fourteen-year veteran of high level running, Malindi has excelled at running since a young age.  With a strong love of running, she has always said “running chose me and not the other way around!”
The clinics are geared towards for abilities / goals of runners but it is recommended that you can run 30 minutes or 5 km before joining as we do between 5-10 km of running in each session.  Workouts are phased appropriately for the season and include fartleks, intervals, hills, tempos and speed.  Each clinic session incorporates a range of skills and principles to improve your running, including: drills, strides, dynamic stretching, endurance running, speed work  and functional strength exercises while also addressing topics such as periodized training, recovery, stretching, racing and nutrition.
The clinics are co-coached by Malindi and Nathan Reiter, who ensure that the clinic is appropriate to your fitness and level of experience so that it is a challenging and rewarding experience for all athletes.

Doing pre-race drills workout

BC Athletics Sanctioned Clinics

All Canadian Runner Clinics are sanctioned by BC Athletics (BCA), the provincial non-profit amateur sport organization for Athletics. The purpose of BC Athletics is to promote, encourage, and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in Track & Field, Road Running, Marathon, Ultra, Cross Country & Trail Running and Race Walking in the province of British Columbia.
A training membership for BC Athletics will be included in all clinic fees and will be valid from September 2011-December 2012. This provides the participants with liability and sport accident/injury insurance, as well as eligibility for discounts at BCA partners, and other membership benefits. It also helps to support a variety of BCA programs including RunJumpThrow, provincial teams, coaching and officiating courses. If a participant is already a current BCA member, then the memberships costs of $16.80 will be deducted from the clinic.  As the memberships is valid for 15 months, this fee will be waived for any additional Canadian Running Clinics taken until December 2012.
Please ensure that you are fit and able to participate in the clinics prior to participation.  Check with your doctor or health care professional if you have any doubts!

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