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It all starts in high school…

It all starts in high school…

As long as I can remember, I have loved to race.  As parents often resort to bribing their children to meet certain goals (going to bed, eating vegetables, not screaming in grocery stores…), mine learned from an early age that I responded well to running competitions against my sister. And, since I was the eldest and my younger sister followed my lead most of the time, they really only need to manipulate me to get us both to...

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Time to Carpe the Diems

Time to Carpe the Diems

We compete, because unlike theatre, the story is not written until the competition is over.  There may be rankings and favourites but what keeps athletes and fans coming back for more are the upsets and glorious stories along the way.  If medals were awarded on rankings then the major Championships and competitions would be awfully dull – or probably non-existant! We all have our favourite underdog stories, it is what makes sport such a...

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