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Beauty and the Day Off

Beauty and the Day Off

Most distance runners are a pretty lazy bunch.  Not when it comes to getting off the couch, logging miles, pumping iron and paying attention to all the details of being an elite athlete.  I mean lazy in the “beauty” department.   For runners, dressing up means putting on clean yoga pants, a hoody and throwing the hair in a messy pony tail and heading to Starbucks.  Do you actually think runners should be normal people and spend...

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Runner vs Gym

Runner vs Gym

“Today I did Bulgarian split squats, Romanian deadlifts, single leg squats, front squats, back squats, squats with press, jump squats, box jumps, toe raises with weights, dynamic step ups….” I start bragging to my husband when he gets in the car after work.  “Um, honey? Why don’t you just blog about it?” he replied, half joking. The truth is, sometimes I hate the gym and sometimes I love it. Today was one of those “good...

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