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Getting High

Getting High

Along with three feet of snow that arrived on Sunday, a large group of Canadian runners descended upon Flagstaff, AZ for our annual pilgrimage.  The coveted pot at the end of the rainbow:  improved fitness that comes from sucking air so high above sea level. We are currently living and training at approximately 7000 feet in the small college mountain town of the tight knit Northern Arizona community.  Flagstaff has been a haven for...

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Before AM Coffee @ Training Camp

Before AM Coffee @ Training Camp

As is the new norm, I woke up this morning to the very audible and manic sound of the morning birds outside my window in Scottsdale.   I was starving, but not sure if I should go downstairs yet as one of my fellow training campers was regulated to a foamy on the living room floor and I did not want to wake him up.   In addition to Geoff sleeping on the living room floor, my dad was “camping” on the floor at the foot of my bed...

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